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With chunky wood and off-white painted doors and cupboards, this is a sophisticated take on the rustic farmstyle look.
Modern and slick
The clean lines, glossy surfaces and stainless steel appliances creates an atmosphere of understated elegance.
Warmth of wood
The dark granite countertops works beautifully with the wooden cupboards to create a warm and welcoming environment.
Working space
The right layout and design creates ample space for eating nooks or multilevel worktops.

Clear beauty
The frameless glass shower creates an unobtrusive view of the exquisite focal point.
Timeless style
This romantic farm-style bathroom proves that traditional doesn’t have to mean dull or safe.
Inspired by nature
The warm wooden windows create a beautiful frame for this natural stone-inspired bathroom.
Contemporary living
Combine modern aluminum frames with state-of-the-art fixtures for a chic finish.